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Make yourself at home
and feel free to look
around my attic.
I won’t mind a bit!

I’ve got several things I’m working on. One is a short collection of thoughts-for-the-day essays, which I’m currently formatting. I’m also drawing some of my own clipart for a paper version of Little Christmases.

At some point, I’ll expand everything to Nook and iBooks, but I haven’t mastered the formatting yet. Check Amazon first—that’s the one I can do! Free Kindle apps are available for computers, tablets and smartphones, so you can use whatever device you now have. Click on this link to get free reader apps. Paper versions will be available to order at most major bookstores.

Although Snowsnake Press is my company, I’ve got several people who help make sure you get a professional product. Everything goes through beta readers, editors, and proofreaders. CreateSpace does another formatting check. I’ll continue to do most of the artwork and cover design myself, mostly because I enjoy it.

And (spoiler alert) I can’t leave my characters Joe, Teri and Bea alone, especially as they ended up in A Matter of Possession. They’ll appear in a sequel, which I’ve started. And I’ve got a third one in mind, too. My first series!

I’m a slow writer, so sign up for the email list to learn when these will be available. I promise I won’t bug you otherwise, and no one else will get this list.

I really appreciate your interest! Hope you continue to enjoy reading my work.

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